Version 1.01

RICH Decisions is a decision support tool based on the RICH-method by Ahti Salo and Antti Punkka.

Useful links:
Liesiö, J.: RICH Decisions - A Decision Support Software,
Salo, A., Punkka A. (2005): Rank Inclusion in Criteria Hierarchies,
European Journal of Operational Research 163/2, pp. 338-356.
Decision analysis at Systems Analysis Laboratory
NEW! How to use RICH Decisions? - A brief introduction

See also a submitted manuscript on the RICHER method: Punkka, A., Salo, A.:
Preference Programming with Incomplete Ordinal Information

RICH Decisions is a Java-applet and therefore requires a Java-enabled browser. For security reasons RICH Decisions can only save models on the server. To get your own private working directory you have to register.

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Note that Java-technology is highly dependent of the web-browser used. Therefore, if the software doesn't work properly, please try another browser/version. RICH works properly at least with the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106 SP1 Win2000
Netscape Navigator 6.1 with Java-Plugin 1.3.1 Win2000